The Studio – Media Kitchen – Patio & Garden – Board Room – Upstairs Lounge

The Space

Five Spaces

We feature:
A large reception space
Catering and media kitchen
Garden and patio
Board room
An upstairs gallery lounge

What Happens Here

Media Production
Culinary Events 
Wedding Receptions
Music Events
Corporate Gatherings 
Virtual Media Events

A Dedicated Team

Happy to provide in person or virtual tours
Emmy award winning producers for media needs
A flexible approach to event planning

As an independent production company, Molesworth Enterprises, Inc. has travelled far and wide throughout the United States for their extensive international clientele’s filming requirements, which run the gamut. As a result, it would be impossible to list the countless studio facilities that we have filmed in throughout the country. Given the foregoing, we would be remiss if we did not mention that O’Maine Studios stands out for us as one of the most versatile, spacious, clean, user friendly, and accommodating. We recommend their facility unhesitatingly to everyone searching for such an establishment. 

Donna Molesworth

Executive Producer, Molesworth Productions

Featuring Five Unique

Studio Spaces

On the Set

A view from the Maine Center for Entrepeneurs Virtual Top Gun Business Showcase.

Ready for the Banquet

Explore unique ways to host an awards event, gala, banquet.

A Reception to Remember

Eat, drink, and dance the night away at your reception.

Photo Credits: Cody James Barry Photography

Rent the Studio for a Commercial Shoot

Our studio is equiped with a professional cyc wall, large soft box, an array of lighting options, large overhead doors to allow for easy entry of all types of product shoots.

Our media team is available to help to help bring your products to life through via video and photography services.

A Home For Your Webisode

Our studio is the perfect space to launch a web series or shoot a pilot for a show. Check out this clip from Live From Maine, a show featuring Maine Made products, people, and places.

Professional Music Production

The Studio can be lit and setup to accomodate both live music performances and streamed events.

Another Look at the Stage

Our cyc wall and lighting options are a perfect complement to your production.

Industrial Chic

Our industrial aesthitic can be tailored to fit many uses.

Another look at the Cyc Wall

We take pride in how versatile our space is for photographers and videographers.

Room for a Live Band

Many musical preformances have played in our studio space.

The Maine Studio

  • 5,000 sq. ft., which can accommodate up to 300 guests
  • Rolling garage door acesss – making setup and breakdown easy
  • 30′ x 17′ projection wall, perfect for viewing bride & groom photos/video
  • Unique lighting options available

Cooking Demos & Food Features

Enjoy this segement from Chef Will Beriau shot in our demo kitchen as part of Live From Maine!

An Adaptable Kitchen

Our kitchen is super versatile and equipped with magnetic walls allowing for easy adaptions from a modern stly kitchen look to a rustic farmhouse vibe.

We can help produce your video.

We have Emmy award winning producers and videographers ready to assist you.

Transform The Set To Your Needs

The make design your own through a variety of flexible layouts and styles.

Use Your Imagination

We love to learning from the creative individuals who use our space.

Chef Demo & Catering Kitchen

  • 1,700 sq. ft. of kitchen space
  • Commercial kitchen fully equipped with everything your caterer and/or bar staff could need
  • The kitchen is setup with multiple live switch cameras for professional cooking segements, includiong overhead shots
  • Is home to cooking segments that run regularly on NBC
  • Chef island to provide extra prep space
  • Bistro bar area
  • O’Maine Studio’s video team is available to help shoot your cooking segment

A Private Patio Setting

Our garden and patio is a hidden gem located in the heart of the Old Port. There isn’t another space in Portland that offers a private space, tucked directly behind a reception space.

Food Over The Fire

The garden and patio space has been home to food trucks, wood-fired ovens and outdoor barbeques!

Wedding Ceremonies

Small wedding ceremonies have been held in the garden area.

Photo Credits: Cody James Barry Photography

A Private Garden Ceremony

Our garden and patio space is very adaptable and can be decorated in many styles. The brick walls have hops growing up the side in the summer and into the fall.

Step Out into the Fresh Air

Our patio is located just off of the Maine Studio recpetion space and is great way to get a breath of fresh air after a night of dancing,

Patio & Garden

  • 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Outdoor patio, lawn and garden, and fire pit
    Perfect for guests to relax, or to provide extra space for a bar or food truck
  • Excellent spot for both casual or formal photos

A Board Room Filled With Light

Our unique cutting board wall accents a terrific gathering space.

A Multi-Use Space

Our board room can be a welcome space for events, a stand alone meeting space, or a private family room for weddings. 

A Beautiful Backdrop

The board room can also serve as an intimate dinner space.

The Board Room

  • 500 sq. ft. of board room space
  • Equipped with a farmhouse custome made oak table(s)
  • Features a uniqe cutting board wall with house plants and succulents
  • Great for meetings or sign-ins at an event

A Room With A View

Our upstairs gallery lounge is a great plce to relax away from the Maine Studio action.

A bird's-eye view from the gallery lounge

Take in all the festivities down below from the lounge. It is a great place to take picures from of your event.

Upstairs Gallery Lounge

  • 500 sq. ft.
  • A beautiful aerial view through large windows of the Maine Studio below
  • A great place to gather or enter the reception area
  • A unique artistic feeling gallery space
  • Excellent spot for photos


Rental & Reception Services

  • Harvest Tables – (14) tables (9’ L x 39”W) seat up to 12 people/table
  • White Folding Chairs – 75 come with table rental – additional 75 can be rented via One Stop Event Rental
  • Parking Available For Rent
  • Portable Serving Table/Bar 
  • High Top Tables – Up to 8 Tops
  • Video Services – Live Stream & Wedding video package available by request
  • Additional Props – can be seen during studio tours
  • Additional Custom Lighting 

We'd love to explore the possibilities!


54 Danforth Street
Portland, Maine 04101


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